Monday, September 19, 2011

Rockport Families Preparing for the Mission Field!!!

At my Home church (Rockport) we are trying to become more missions minded.  We want to be more personally involved with the missionaries we support.  More involved than sending them a check and putting their name on a list.  Personal communication resulting in personal support and personal prayer is what we want.  In order to be personal the people have to be involved, the people of Rockport. 
Now saying that to say this that we better get on the ball with this because we have our own people on the field now and many more preparing to go!  It is awesome! And I want to make sure that we are there to support them in every way.  It has been my prayer for some time that every person at Rockport would be involved in either sending or going on mission.  

I started this post wanting to introduce some of the Families that are getting ready to go.  So...

The Pfleegors!!!
Check out their blog! They've been posting about their trip.

The Pfleegor family. Michael, Erin, Parker, Jonah, Gweny and Lyla

The Pfleegors are preparing to go to Suriname to reach the Hindustani people. Suriname is a country in South America.  You can see it on the map in yellow near the top. 

Michael, Erin and Lyla are actually in Suriname on a vision trip as I write this.  (pretty exciting to think about! and I know they are excited.)  The stage of preparation that they are entering right now is support raising.  They have to raise a pretty large amount before they can make the move next year.  At least what seems large to me and most people.  God owns everything and is amazingly generous to his children.  

It is so cool to be part of a missionary mobilization!  I hope to be personally involved in sending and supporting the Pfleegors and the other people who are preparing to go to other countries with the word of God. 

So, Pray for the Pfleegors!  
  • Pray that God would send them the finances for them to make the move to Suriname.
  • Pray that as they travel around and speak to others that they would connect with people that want to send missionaries
  • Pray for them as they finish their vision trip and that God will use it to further direct them
  • Pray for Michael as he speaks
  • Pray that the Pfleegor would be firmly resting their faith in the Lord and that nothing would cause them to lose sight of his faithfulness
  • Pray for Rockport, that we would be able to help and support in the way a family should
  • Pray that God would direct you as to how you are to help reach the nations for his glory

Check out their blog
and also their page on Facebook to keep updated with them as they prepare to go.

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