Monday, September 19, 2011

Rockport Families Preparing for the Mission Field!!!

At my Home church (Rockport) we are trying to become more missions minded.  We want to be more personally involved with the missionaries we support.  More involved than sending them a check and putting their name on a list.  Personal communication resulting in personal support and personal prayer is what we want.  In order to be personal the people have to be involved, the people of Rockport. 
Now saying that to say this that we better get on the ball with this because we have our own people on the field now and many more preparing to go!  It is awesome! And I want to make sure that we are there to support them in every way.  It has been my prayer for some time that every person at Rockport would be involved in either sending or going on mission.  

I started this post wanting to introduce some of the Families that are getting ready to go.  So...

The Pfleegors!!!
Check out their blog! They've been posting about their trip.

The Pfleegor family. Michael, Erin, Parker, Jonah, Gweny and Lyla

The Pfleegors are preparing to go to Suriname to reach the Hindustani people. Suriname is a country in South America.  You can see it on the map in yellow near the top. 

Michael, Erin and Lyla are actually in Suriname on a vision trip as I write this.  (pretty exciting to think about! and I know they are excited.)  The stage of preparation that they are entering right now is support raising.  They have to raise a pretty large amount before they can make the move next year.  At least what seems large to me and most people.  God owns everything and is amazingly generous to his children.  

It is so cool to be part of a missionary mobilization!  I hope to be personally involved in sending and supporting the Pfleegors and the other people who are preparing to go to other countries with the word of God. 

So, Pray for the Pfleegors!  
  • Pray that God would send them the finances for them to make the move to Suriname.
  • Pray that as they travel around and speak to others that they would connect with people that want to send missionaries
  • Pray for them as they finish their vision trip and that God will use it to further direct them
  • Pray for Michael as he speaks
  • Pray that the Pfleegor would be firmly resting their faith in the Lord and that nothing would cause them to lose sight of his faithfulness
  • Pray for Rockport, that we would be able to help and support in the way a family should
  • Pray that God would direct you as to how you are to help reach the nations for his glory

Check out their blog
and also their page on Facebook to keep updated with them as they prepare to go.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Make me an Instrument video

Here is a video I put together to show my friends at Silver Birch Ranch a little bit of what I was doing on my trip to Bali Indonesia.  It is still very beginner work but I hope you enjoy it.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Wedding Video Creation

As I seek to increase my skill and efficiency in video through the class at Jeffco collage (and other means) I have been seeking ways and opportunities to use those skills.  One way was brought to my attention even before had I started trying to get better at video, and that was to try putting together a video or videos that would help promote the business of  Will Jackson Photography (who is my father and my employer).  Now ideas ranged from an interview style video with photos to clips different weddings put together to show my father's style, but what actually happened first is this video bellow.  Actually this is the second video.  The first was similar only shorter and with no music.  We will see how these videos develop from here but this at least is a start and, I think, a pleasant start.  So check out the video (you can see more of my dad's work on his web site) and let me know what you think.

Will Jackson at work
Sept. 2, 2011

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Silver Birch Ranch

Silver Birch Ranch Christian Family Homeschool Camp

The Most Awesome Camp in the WORLD!

For the last four years me and my family have gone up to White lake Wisconsin for Christian Family Homeschool Camp at Silver Birch Ranch.  I wish I could describe to you how great this camp is and why I love it so much.  Really I think it comes down to the people (though a great place to be helps too).  At this camp Christ is at the center and Christian values are shared all around, but there is also a shared value of Family.  At this camp my family is a normal sized family and a normal looking family.  That is not the usual when you number 10 people in your family.  Now if you are not part of a homeschool family you may at this point be thinking that this camp is probably filled with a bunch of weird whack people, BUT if you came to this camp I think you would find the opposite.  For three days I get to be surrounded by a community that has an enthusiasm for life whether that be playing basketball, working on a project, singing together, or making friends.  This is the place where I actually want to clap as loud as I can when its time to clap (we have an awesome talent night each year), this is the place that led my family into English Country dancing, and this is where I first thought of the idea that photography might be useful on the mission field. And so in a round about way this blog was started because I went to this Silver Birch Ranch.  Don Shire spoke last year. He is a missionary trumpet player.  Trust me. He's an awesome guy.

Now, I could go on all day telling you stories and how great Silver Birch is but... I quickly grow weary of words.  That's why I use pictures. Right? And video. Right?  Well this year I did not bring my camera.  I was to greedy for my time there to give up any to capture it.  So you all are going to have to wait till next year to see how glorious this place is.  I promised myself that I will be unselfish and dedicate time to recording these memories for myself and others.  Meanwhile I have a few pictures from last year I can show to you who haven't seen them yet, and I have a video that I put together to show at the talent night of the camp.

Make me an Instrument
OK there seems to be a problem with the video.  I will work on that.

As a final note. If anyone wants me to talk more about Silver Birch Ranch... Just Ask!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

TV Production class

 OK Stuff has been going on.

First off I enrolled in a TV production class as my local community Jefferson college  I signed up the day before class started.  This seems to have become a very typical Billy Jackson move.  It is the first college class that I have started so the whole registration and stuff was new to me.  

Now obviously I don't plan on going into TV production, but I am hoping this class with improve my video capturing and video editing skills.  So far, after two class sessions and two lab sessions, I have not been overly impressed with what I am learning, but I am still hopeful.  Even if I don't learn a ton from the book or the class sessions I believe the lab will be very helpful. Not only do I have access to more equipment (and its awesome because they really let us use it, even take it home if we need to!) but I think working with other people to get video projects done will be good.  Also my instructors seem to be very flexible and available for questions and extra work.  They let us know when college events are coming up that we could help film and even pass along jobs and project opportunities that they hear about from other people outside the college.  So far we have covered the basics about how a camera works and about camera movements.  I am hoping to get to go to one of the soccer games coming up and help Tom (the video study manager I think) film the game.

So I will keep you all posted if I get to do any exciting projects or if this leads anywhere.

I have also been doing a little learning on my own using the internet.  I got turned on to a great set of video tutorials by my dad.  They are on by Canon and are very interesting.  The other thing I have been doing is watching some great videos by a up and coming film maker.  He has been using YouTube to get noticed and to show his work (mostly his non-paying work).  It is great stuff to watch, and this guy is obviously very talented and dedicated (I asked him and he said he often does 70-80 hours of video editing a week if he is not out shooting! Crazy and not for me!).  His name is Devin Graham and you should check out his channel on YouTube Besides having awesome video talents he also seems to have the awesomest video ideas! (just check it out to see what I mean... stuff like breakdancing to classical music, human slingshots, and other just plain fun stuff)  His videos make you want to be there doing it with him (at least for me).  The other videos I've been watching are doubly cool because they combine great video with great music.  They are called The Piano Guys (yeah they sell pianos) they say they love video so they decided to start making videos of the talented musicians that come to their store. (including the guys who wrote pirates of the Caribbean music and the Harry potter theme music) I got turned on to them through Devin Supertramp (Yeah he has tons of cool friends too it seems)  If you like good music or you like good video check them out.

So second and third off is the wedding video and the most awesome camp in the world. But those will wait till next post

Before I go though two things...  One, Does anyone know how you about getting permission to use a song for a video?  I used "Make me an Instrument" by the Ragamuffin band to make a video that I want to show you all but I don't think I can publish it on the internet with out permission. 
Two, Pray for me as I pray about another idea that has come to my head.  One of the things that has been mentioned several times to me is that if I am going to use my photography skills one the mission field overseas one possibility of service would be to train others in the use of photography (indigenous believers) in order for them to support themselves and/or spread the work of photography in missions.  This idea has intrigued me and the thought has come into my head that if the Lord wants to use me in this way maybe I should try the idea out here first before I go try it in another country.  So I am looking and praying for a person that who: would want to learn photography, doesn't have photography skills right now, wants to take it to the business level and actually use it to make money (not just as a hobby), and who is very patient.  This will be just as much a learning process for me as for them.

and now I am off to reassemble my unicycle which is still in several pieces from my trip to Wisconsin. ☺

Devin Super Tramps' latest video

 My favorite from The Piano Guys...  "Michael meets Mozart"

The last video tutorial from Canon that I watched