Tuesday, August 16, 2011

World Team videos. Iterns, Directors, testimony...

I would like to share some of the videos that World Team has started putting together.  I had no part in making these videos. I just want to help World Team as it tries to share it's vision, its method, and it's people, as well as some of the things that God is doing around the world.

This video is of David Riddell. World Team's international director.

Kevin Oessenich  USA director I believe

This last video here is of Melissa Chiasson's internship, similar to the one that Danielle and Nate and Andrew went on with Trevor.  Melissa is now part of World Team mobilization and was a big part of organizing my trip and helping me get ready when I went to Bali for the conference.

You can watch these and other videos on World Team's Youtube channel (as well as keep updated on new videos as they come!)

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