Friday, August 19, 2011

World Team conference day 1

Well its time I get this post up.  Been awhile and I hope to do better keeping these coming or I'll never get through my week at Bali and there are more things happening (or at least going to happen) in life.  Also I am and want to practice editing video more which takes a lot of time it seems.

So day one of the conference...

Sanur sunrise

A fellow photographer I met at the beach

First there was my morning walk. I did this for the first few days until I started to want more sleep and going down to the same beach started to get less exciting. On this morning I got to watch the sunrise, get my picture taken by another photographer there (I met two of them with big cameras like mine), watch a soccer team practice on the beach, and see lots and lots of people many of which seemed to be there just to watch the sunrise.  Even though there are lots of people around business does not seem to start up till the sun is risen.

The first three days of the World Team conference followed the same pattern (except that by the third day I did not get up for the sunrise).  For the first three days the conference consisted of a time of sharing from the word by one of the missionaries. This was usually followed by a time of discussion and prayer among our small groups.  This time among the small groups was good, especially for me who was not expecting to participate so fully in the conference.  For the first three days the whole room was set up with smaller round tables. From these we could all watch and listen to the speaker at the front or turn in
and discuss and pray among ourselves.  Like I said it was a time of good fellowship.  Anyway, after a time of hearing from the word there would follow a time of hearing the stories from around Asia mission fields.  We would hear three or so in the morning and then the same in the afternoon.  These missionaries were given adequate time to share about the work going on in their field and the needs and struggles that were there as well as the praises to be given.  On day one of the conference I had not yet embraced the idea of being part of the conference instead of just being the recorder of it.  So I was mostly recording through video this vision speech of David’s that he did.  Now I also did an interview with David Riddell (By the way I don't know if I stated this clearly in previous posts, but David Riddell is the international director of World Team) trying to clarify and condense this vision of World Team.  It is over 40min long so I don’t know how long it will take me to edit it down to usable form, but luckily World Team is working on it as well as the other video interviews I did.  This is good since if we depend on me to get it done I don’t know for sure you’d ever actually get to see it.  I will make sure I let everyone know as soon as one or the other of us gets it done. (I have not started on this yet)
So after the vision speech and hearing from the word of God we… Oh I forgot to mention the awesome worship time we had before both.  Each days worship time grew sweeter and more sweet as we grew together in fellowship each day.              

    As a side note, I did feel the great blessing that we in America by having a full and well stocked church family.  It seemed to me that some missionaries struggle a little more in coming together in a large group to praise the Lord sometimes because they are used to being on their own, with just their family, or possibly a few other families.  I think that I do not fully appreciate my church like I should or fully appreciate how much harder it can be on the mission field where your surrounding church family can be much much smaller.  Also this underscores for me the importance or the support of the church for its missionaries in every way possible.  At Rockport we having been meeting about missions support.  Last meeting was about prayer support and next meeting is about communication support.  These are just two of the many ways missionaries need support from the rest of the body or Christ and I pray that we can all, every one of us that is not going or gone, find practical was to encourage and support the missionaries on the field.
If we think of missionaries as our hands in the body of Christ and we think about just how much the hands of our own body require for them to function... like they got to be connected by bone and flesh, they have to be sent blood carrying oxygen and other things to build and work the muscle, there has to be nerve communication to the brain. I don't know much about this kind of thing (which is good for you lol) but I'm sure there are more ways the hands are dependent on the rest of the body. But now I need to get back to the day...

So we had David Riddell's vision speech/talk.  It was some of him talking, some watching video clips, and some discussing questions that he put forward.
I did not take any pictures through this but tried instead to video record the whole thing.  This was going to be great until they turned down the lights, but like I said we did the interview later on.

But on with the day! After the vision speech we heard from the word of God.  This is where I really started to appreciate my small group.  We heard from Philippians.  And we talked about not having fear. And other stuff. It was good and God really used this to show me sin and pride in my life. The people in my small group were Kevin Cain, Bryan Martin, Tim Mccracken, Daniel Surya, and Jonathan Edralin. And I think that is all. I really hope I'm not forgetting someone.  And like I said we heard stories from the mission fields each day.  And we got to spend time in prayer or praise and in requests after each time of sharing.
To get one of the missionary's take on the conference you can go to Edwin and Amy Samson's blog. They are working in the Philippines.

I think we had a morning session and an afternoon session like this and then the evening session was more relaxed and on a lot of days involved other fun activities...

Trevor and his son Noah

... And Making Friends!

...ok, I'm going to have to just go ahead and post this.  I'm having trouble keeping up with this blog each day in Bali thing.  I'm starting to think I should just blog about the people I met, the things we did, and the things I learned while I was there instead of trying to go through each day. Yeah, I think that's what I'll try to do.  I've really been wanting to write a little about what I learned about fear and trust. Hopefully it has not faded from my mind to much.  Also I could introduce you to more people, the people who's stories I got to hear and the people who I got to do fun things with like go back to the monkey forest.

We will see how it goes but I think I will try this new approach as I still would like to tell people what I did and share the pictures.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

World Team videos. Iterns, Directors, testimony...

I would like to share some of the videos that World Team has started putting together.  I had no part in making these videos. I just want to help World Team as it tries to share it's vision, its method, and it's people, as well as some of the things that God is doing around the world.

This video is of David Riddell. World Team's international director.

Kevin Oessenich  USA director I believe

This last video here is of Melissa Chiasson's internship, similar to the one that Danielle and Nate and Andrew went on with Trevor.  Melissa is now part of World Team mobilization and was a big part of organizing my trip and helping me get ready when I went to Bali for the conference.

You can watch these and other videos on World Team's Youtube channel (as well as keep updated on new videos as they come!)