Sunday, July 31, 2011

"Why Billy cam to Bali" Video interview with David Riddell

This interview with David Riddell was actually done at the very end of the conference, one day after the conference ended I believe.  But I am going to use it as an introduction to help give people a feel for what was going on while I was in Bali (not sure if the video will do that but that's what I want it to do right now  lol), especially those who don't know me well or are just starting to read the story.

Because the video does not perfectly explain what I did in Bali...  The short of it is that I was there to interview missionaries about their stories, and to photograph and video the conference, the World Team Asia conference. This was the first time that all the World Team missionaries from Asia had gathered in one place.

So here you go... (please pardon the ending, and please remember I am still very new at this whole video thing)

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