Sunday, July 31, 2011

Introducing... a few people!

So before I start telling about the World Team conference in Bali I want to introduce a few people first.  I guess I want to introduce them first just because I feel like it. I can't think of a very good reason But we will start with...

Trevor Johnson! And Family!  Missionaries to Papua Indonesia.
Trevor leading in Communion 
Without Trevor Johnson I would not have gone to Bali.  I would not have even inquired further into World Team Ministries most probably.  He is the one that first responded back to my questions about missions, and really engaged my in conversation about how my skills and gifts could be used.  He is the one (I believe) that gave the little extra pushes to get me there this year while the conference was going on, and to make sure that I did not miss this opportunity if at all possible.  And he is the one that picked me up at the airport in Bali, AND he took me down to the beach to have a fish cooked up for dinner. It was awesome!
I owe a lot of thanks to Trevor for help throughout the whole entire process of getting me to Bali.
If you want to learn more about Trevor and his ministry in Papua Indonesia you can start at his blog  tandtfamily.blogspot.
I also got to meet his wife Teresa and Noah and Alethea!  I had lots of fun playing with Noah and Ali in the swimming pool at the hotel, and going down to the beach in the evenings to catch critters. Noah is a master critter catcher.  It is pretty much his life ambition at this point. LOL!  We caught (mostly him and Trevor) Toads, Starfish, Crabs, Geckos, or what ever else we found.  If your hands were empty and Noah's hands were full of starfish and he saw another starfish there were two options, either you "Catch it! Catch it!" or "Hold these!" and you hold them while he catches them.  Great times!

Next is Albert Ehmann, World Team director for Asia.

Albert was very helpful in getting me started and in giving me some direction for what I should be doing. Like who to interview and what to photograph and just how I should go about it.  Like I said, Trevor was awesome in getting me there, but once there it was Albert who gave me some clear idea of why exactly I was there.  I also want to thank him for putting me into a small group during the conference.  One of the key points of emphases for the conference was "Community" and Albert help me to become part of the community of World Team Asia for a week.  Left to myself I would probably have operated as an outsider photographing an event instead of becoming part of the event myself.  

Next is...  Tychicus Ministries!  These were actually some of the first missionaries that I met on the first day of the conference.  They are an encouragement to me just because they exist!  They are a missions ministry that serves other missionaries.  They helped organize the conference, helped lead the worship, took care of all the kids each day, and over all just helped to make this gathering of people from all over Asia go smoothly and helped make it possible for the missionaries enjoy their time there.

 I do not have pictures of all of the team. I am sorry but you can go to their web site to find out more about them.

This is John Karetji.  He has a big black camera like I do, so naturally we would fall in with each other.  I enjoyed talking about photography with him and explaining some of my ideas about missions photography. I tried my best to help him learn to use his camera better like he asked me to, and enjoyed take some pictures with him.

Kevin Cain!  Kevin is a part of World Team Mobilization in the US I believe.  He used to be a missionary pilot.  He was in my small group for discussion and prayer.  He told me a story of him as a young pilot.  On one of his first flights as a missionary (maybe his first I think) onto a new Indonesian jungle airstrip he wrecked the plain on the landing!  He was stuck there for months repairing the plane!  What was encouraging about this was that he is able to look back on that now and see it as part of his training, his learning, and God's perfect plan for him!  In a later post I want to tell how this story was just part of how God taught me a new lesson about my pride, my fear, and my trust in him.

Kevin Cain is a fun loving guy and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with him.  I got to do an early morning jog with him along the beach, and hang out with him and the other guys for dinner, and have some good discussion and prayer during the conference.
Kevin playing some imaginary drums for the band  LOL!

 And then there is Danielle Manaois my fellow Rockportian
Danielle was there with two other interns, Nate and Andrew, who would be going with Trevor into Papua.  Danielle just got back to the US a few days ago and I can't wait to hear the stories she's got! And I hope everyone else gets to hear them as well!  After seeing the need and the opportunity in Indonesia Danielle is ready to start whatever training and preperation she needs so that she can go back and serve there full time.

This is the end of the introductions, but you will be meeting many more people throughout the conference. Some with very amazing stories.

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