Friday, July 8, 2011

Bali Days! Day one,

 - June 2, 2011.  Thu afternoon

There is a story behind the hotel slippers but I'm going to
save it till it happened

Day one in Bali (my arrival day) was rather uneventful, which was just what I wanted when I arrived at the air post after over 30 hour of travel (25 of which were spent in the air).  There were no problems with all the flights and immigration and visa other than the uncertainty of a first timer wondering what was going to happen next.  I basically just wandered through the signs and asked questions when I got lost.  Still I was very happy when I walked out of the airport doors, turned left, and Trevor Johnson was right there where he said he’d be.  I didn’t even have to look, which was saying something because as I walked out the doors I was greeted by a packed crowd of people all holding signs with people’s names or names of groups on them

Anyway Trevor was right there and took me to the car which was waiting with the driver that would be my driver for the next three or four days.  After a few minutes of getting used to the hectic Bali driving I relaxed a little and started to get excited just about being there (finally!).  I got out my camera and snapped a few photos from the car as I caught my first sights of Bali life.
The Balinese can find a way
to transport almost anything
by way of motorcycle

That day I got to eat with Trevor's family (I think we ate Italian), meet his wife Teresa, see his kids for the first time (though it wasn’t till pool time and a creature hunting trip that we made friends there), and then get settled into the hotel for the night, though as I started to unpack I had to remind myself I would be leaving again the next day.  

I was pretty impressed with my room (not having stayed in a upper end hotel before) but as I was to discover and I’m sure I’ll say again, Balinese service was excellent no matter what kind of hotel you stayed at. (I stayed at $15 a night hotels to the $60 or so hotel that I stayed at during the conference and I think that was discounted because of WT).  It was always clean comfortable and artistic in some way or nother. (and there was always free breakfast :-)


At this point there were no other missionaries there yet besides Trevor and his family. It was not until I got back from my excursion around the island that I started to meet the rest of the people I would be with.

So in recap, the best thing that happened to me on day one was that I arrived and Trevor was right where he said he'd be.  

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