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Bali Day 5 (Last day exploring Bali)

Mon. June 6, 2011

This morning I got to see a catch of fish being taken in.
Pulling in...

...hopefully some fish!
After pulling for 15-30 min already

The catch

Sorting small fry

Putting up the nets
This experience was the fruit of consistently and constantly refusing offers the evening before to go dolphin watching  this morning.  The boat owners could not understand why I would not want to go dolphin watching, that's the whole reason most tourist make it up that far in the first place, right? especially when they asked "maybe tomorrow morning?" (a favorite question among taxi drivers as well) and then I explain "I will be gone by then" Boat driver- "what? You only have one morning to see the dolphins! Why don't you come?".  But by this time I knew what I wanted to see and what could wait till another time (if that time ever came).  Out dolphin watching I would only see one Balinese, that being the boat driver, for all morning. Staying and getting to see these Balinese pull in this net of fish reaffirmed that I would see more if I wandered on my own.  On top of this I was tired of spending money.
While I was watching the fishermen pulling in the fish I noticed several other people standing around watching.  I figured they were just curious to see what the fishermen pulled in, like I was.  Then, as the fish were starting to really be brought in, one of the men standing there asked me if I liked fish.  I replied-

    "Yes, I like fish"  Him- "Would you like to buy a fish?" "Um, no not really" "There are some very good fish see" "You can buy fish you like and then we can put a stick in it and cook it for you on fire" "Very good fish" "No, no thank you. I do not want a fish right now"

It just kind of took me by surprise when I realized that these people were waiting around to see if they wanted to buy a fish for their meal for the day.  Most of the fish were variously sized small-fry, but the big fish that came in were, for the most part, sold right there on the spot!  "Pretty crazy!"- I thought at the time, but given a second chance I might take that man up on his offer for a fish for breakfast.

Well here are a few more pictures from my wanderings that morning. They include a school yard I cut through to get to a different street. I stopped and watched some amazing Sepoc-bola and exchanged introductions with several of the boys that were waiting their turn to play.  Many of the children in Bali spoke fare but simple English.  They use the word "Hello" to its utmost potential.  With some children every sentence starts with the word "hello" eye contact is already established. So I'll just be sitting there with them watching the game or watch the Ferris Wheel in the other village and every time they want to ask a question or say something the say "Hello".

I had already decided the day before I wanted to go back to Sanur on this day.  Exploring Bali was awesome but I knew that my real work, as far as serving World Team went, lay back in Sanur where the missionaries would be arriving and some had already arrived.  Plus I wanted to spend more time with Trevor Johnson and his family if possible, meet the other families that were already there, I wanted to be there and ready.
Now Komang my driver already had a full day planned out for us that could easily be stretched into two days.  I explained what I wanted though and quickly cut down the amount of places to visit and then we were on our way.
We went to the "Temple on the water". The one place where I was charged less that I was told I would be instead of more. I just walked in with out asking any questions already clothed in the sarung, and no one asked me any questions free of charge. lol

There were many children playing on the play ground there.  There were also many of them fishing for small goldfish sized fish. These they would put in bags to keep. (I guess they kept them as pets or something)

Temple on the Water

After the Temple on the Water we went to the Gigit falls (pronounced Gee-geet or something like that).

Here I had the first physical challenge that I had had in some days.  It took a few minutes to walk to the fall first, and about $10 to my guide. Then my guide wanted to charge me just as much to show me how to get up to the top of the falls. Actually I think he wanted like $20 or something. But I was like "No way" I'll just find it on my own.  (I was pretty tired of guides by this time. The Balinese require them whenever possible, and offer them at all other times) Well after about ten minutes of haggling ("It's not like a regular path!" he says "It is a jungle!") I finally got him to leave me alone for only the small sum of $5.  I was happy. I finally get to try something on my own!  So about an hour later, and after traveling many false paths (and sometimes no path at all) I finally managed to scramble to the top. And was able to look WAY down on all the people bellow!  It was pretty awesome!  I did not really get any good shots from up there being cautious as to how close to the edge I got.  I did get some wack videos while I was climbing up though.
I was very dirty, somewhat worn out, and very happy once I got to the top.  I had carried my camera tripod and camera bag the whole way with out braking anything, and I was happy. What I was not happy about was trying to go back the way I came!  I had noticed as I got up to the top that the path at the top was better kept and was even paved in some areas. Then I saw people up there! Working! "There is no way that a decent Balinese would come up the way I did to cut wood or to have a gotten a wheel barrow up the way I came.  There's got to be a different way down.  Well the path kept going once it got to the top of the falls so I kept following it.  After leading me through some woods, past some sheds and shacks, it led me to the back side of a row of houses. I cut through these to come out onto a street.  On my way through the houses I met the some of the occupants who did not speak English, but they went and got their mother who spoke some Englished and asked what I was doing and where I had come from (I do not think this was a tourist area. Like I said before, sometimes you can step a few feet up or down a road and be in "Real" Bali.) I explained where I had come from and where I was trying to get to. She was a little surprised and laughed along with me when answered "Yes" to her question of did I walk the whole way.  Anyway, she confirmed my suspicion that if I followed down the road it would lead me back to the parking lot where I had started (even before the guide started guiding me). After a good walk I arrived safely.

(OK I'm going to put together some of the video clips I got from hiking up the falls and post them later. For now I am tired of waiting to post the last day)

After that pretty much we just headed straight... almost said home, but home base" I guess.  Got to go swimming with some of the Johnsons and rest. And then basically just get ready for the next day I guess... Oh I met the Tychicus Ministries team and I ran into Albert Ehmann on this day I think. Wait no... After this day there was a whole free day of swimming, talking to Albert, and relaxing.  That middle day (June 7th) has kinda of slipped from my memory a little bit because I did not take any pictures that day at all (though I did do a bit of editing and posting throughout the day).  For this reason I don't know if I will post a "Bali day 6". I may just skip straight to "World Team Conference Day 1". Though a lot of the missionaries did get there on the 7th. Maybe I will do an introduction post.
Anyway this is the end of "Bali Days" Stay tuned for the start of the World Team conference days and other exciting events like: "The return to Monkey Forest!" and the "Arrival of the rest of the Interns" plus interviews and interaction with Real Live World Team Missionaries!  Exciting stuff is coming folks! Hopefully I will be able to tell it to you well.

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