Monday, July 4, 2011

Alright, I'm back to planet earth (I think)

Photo by Billy Jackson

Photo by Josh Young
After two weeks of wonderful adventure in Indonesia, and two weeks of thoroughly exhausting work at church camp, which included getting sick for two days, coming right on the heels of getting back to the US, and now having thousands of images to work on and get to their proper destinations (not to mention getting 200gbs of video to World Team). With all this and more! The last thing I really want to do is try to blog it all. But if I skip all this then I'm skipping a big part of what this blog is about. So I've hit on a plan that maybe will work (I hope).  Each day I will try to blog about one day in Bali Indonesia and after I have finished that will blog about Bates Creek Camp 2011 which really was an awesome camp this year.  The only problem with this is that there are other things I want to blog about besides each day AND some of the days in Bali where so jam-packed with story to tell I don't think I will be able to get it all into one post.  Ohh Well I can only do my best and hope that those who want to here the story will bear with me.
Photo by Josh Young (story about him to come later)
   I will give a warning "There are way to many stories to tell!" I only interview a very few missionaries out of the almost hundred at the conference in Indonesia (World Team Asia's first ever area conference. All the missionaries that could make it from the Asia area were there) and still I don't know how to tell them all.  Example- Bates Creek Camp, Thu night at youth week I was asked to share some pictures and talk about my trip for 5-10 min. When I got done they tell me I took 45 minutes!!!  At first I would not believe them but eventually I had to accept the truth. I had NO IDEA I was taking that long and no one came up and stopped me (it probably did not help that I was almost dead tired and my brain wasn't exactly in full gear).
   Anyway that is just a warning. In my next post I will tell about "Bali days" day one. Which should be a good first step as pretty much all I did was get there, find Trevor, meet his family, and feel extremely relieved that everything had gone so well so far.
   Somewhere among the each day posts I want to share something that God showed and started to apply to me and my life during the conference with World Team. It was one of those things where with out realizing it I was relying on my own strength and, I believe, was being set up for a major trap by the devil.  I want to tell what God taught me through the missionaries and pastors of World Team.

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