Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm back from my trip around Bali

Thank you all for your prayers! 

My trip around Bali the last few days was quite amazing! I have many new experiences I'm sure I will be trying to explain to you all when I get back.

My driver was very good. He helped me quite a bit on the trip with more than just driving.  The Balinese are good to talk to but you have to be careful. If you are in a tourist spot they are probably selling something or 'nother. 

I got to play Sepoc-bola once. I stopped my driver and asked to turn around I wanted to take some pictures, I took a few pictures and then played with the kids for 20 min or so. After that I had my drive teach me the first phrase that I successfully learned in Indonesian. "Saya mau burrmine sepoc-bola" "I want to play soccer". I learned that Vally ball is "Bola Fally". If you say Vally-ball they think you are saying Baliball. (I had my driver confused for 15min or so)

I want to say sorry if the color of these pictures are off. I have not got to set my laptop screen correctly yet. Also hopefully I will be able to get some video up soon. I do not know if that will happen before I get back or not.

This morning in Lovina I watched some men and women bring in a net a fish. Last night I saw a beautiful sunset. Two days ago I had a coffee experience that made Starbucks look poor. In the traditional market I went to in Klunkung some men where showing off their fighting cocks. This man explained "He's my kind of body type, lean and strong, not to big and goes straight in"

Some of my favorite times and pictures have come when I just wandered around walking on my own.  Most of the working people pictures came like that and that is my plan for tomorrow if I get up early enough.

Sleep has not been a problem so far so that is a blessing from the Lord!

Please continue your prayers for me as the real work is ahead of me here in Sanur and I will need God given skill and blessing to complete it.

To see some of the pictures go to the picasa web gallery "Bali adventure"

Billy Jackson


  1. Excellent pictures! Keep them coming.


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  3. The city of Jackson and its surrounding areas has its pros and cons. Britain work visas are grouped into categories for highly skilled migrants (Tier 1), sponsored workers (Tier 2) and temporary workers (Tier 5. I grew up in the city of Bali and it's not such a bad place depending on where you live. All major cities have there share of crime problems.