Friday, May 6, 2011

So I'm going to Indonesia! Now what? - Ways to Pray!

Now I do the best I can to prepare myself for this trip.

For the first day or two after I said "yes" I was caught in a cross fire of emails and facebook messages between World Team people (who's buying the plane tickets? where's he going to do orientation? is he coming to Philadelphia first?), but it has now been silent for the last few days.  I turned in the application form they had sent me a month or so ago.  I assume that they are taking care of all the preparation and plans.  They seemed very ready and capable to start the process once I gave the word, and I left my departure date and detail planing in their hands.  I know I will be there by or before the 8th of June. And I know I have to be back before the 19th. That's all the details of that so far. :-)

But for me... I have work to do! I've started exploring the world of video editing.  I may post my first experiments so you can see how much I need to learn! I spent over $400 just on camera cards and batteries today.  Before I go on to purchase other equipment I should probably get a better handle on what I will need.  At the very least I will need to conduct video interviews for World Team while at the conference. 
We also should probably organizing our thoughts on what exactly we want to do while I am there and what we will do with the pictures and video (more details than just - "We would like a video made of the conference") You can see a video that they put together on internships on their web site. They would like it to be kinda like that.

Ways to Pray
  • First thing on my mind is that I would be prepared with the skills needed to capture the right video footage.  Pray for that and if ANYONE out there has skills in video and feels led to share those skills, Please, email me right away!  I would appreciate any help I can get.
  • That there would be minimal miscommunication between World Team and me  (there will probably be some) especially concerning who's go to be covering what cost.
  • That we would be able to get the right equipment together ( and that I would know how to use it properly) One big first thing will be either a laptop or some kind of data storage device. (A laptop would be awesome!)
  • That this trip would be excellent training and experience time for me and World Team.  That God would use this to lead me on to the work he has for me.
If God lays it on someone's heart to give financially toward this trip it will be appreciated, there may be more expense than we know (me and World Team are both new at this kind of trip)  BUT, I want everyone to know, that between World Team paying at least the plane tickets and my savings, the cost of this trip is covered.

OK its the end and I still haven't a picture to put with this post. I'm going to put up the first clipping together of video that I did in Sony Vegas. (you will deffinetly see how much help I need)
Me and Gennie shot this in about 30min or so. Every one is free to laugh a whole lot and remember that I am a photographer.

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