Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Praise Report about the trip to Bali

Praise report everyone!

So I got the final figure on how much I would have get to World Team to cover expenses while in Bali. It was much closer to $2000 than the $1000 or so I was thinking.  I was thinking "whoa! I'll just have to shell out a little more money than I was thinking.  But then later I was thinking and going over figures (after making a bank transfer) and I realized I was about $197 short (at least by my calculations, some equipment hasn't been bought yet). I was confident that God would supply what was needed but I WAS NOT ready for the call today from Melissa Chiasson with World Team. She said that someone had just called her saying that someone had called and inquired about my account and then payed the WHOLE $2000 for the trip!

What a blessing!

Its just another encouragement to me that God is with me in this work and I wanted to share it with everyone that has been praying.  And thank you Melissa for getting me the good news!

Also Don Roberts has called me saying there is an audio recorder I could use. I'm not sure if it is what we need yet (I have forwarded it to World Team) but if so that is another answer to prayer.

Something else to pray for that a did not mention earlier is that there is quite a bit of work being left on my dad as I go on this trip. We will be photographing this weekend and then I will be leaving Tue. So pray for him and also pray for me as I try to get photography work done, work around the house, and take the final details in place for the trip.

There is a constant temptation to be stressed, worried, harsh or uncaring. So please pray for that as well.

Thank you all!

Billy Jackson

PS. - My laptop arrived today via FedEx! They came once and left a note because I was gone today. I called them and they said it would arrive tomorrow. A few minutes later it show up! HaHa!

My awesome new laptop

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