Monday, May 23, 2011

My Goal for this trip to Indonesia

Hello all,

I don't know how clear I was sharing during the missions moment at church last week but I wanted to send this out clarifying my goal and purpose for this trip and to fill in others who do not go to Rockport or weren't there that Sun.

The trip departure date is May 31st for Bali Indonesia and June 17th is the return date to the US. I will be working and serving World Team mission organization.


"My goal for this trip to Indonesia is to serve World Team in whatever capacity I can, namely with documentary style photography and video interviews which together can be made into informational videos that accurately and powerfully communicate the mission of World Team and it's missionaries. Alongside this goal to serve is the goal to learn, grow, and explore the missionary calling that God may be leading me to.  Both of these goals are also shared by World Team who do not want this trip to be single but wish this trip to be an internship exploring and kick starting a further relationship of service with them on the mission field. 

The opportunity for this trip and the possibilities for the future are something that are very exciting for me and I can only hope and pray (and trust in the Lord!) that he will lead me to and equip me for this work.

Please be in prayer for me on two levels.  The here and now reality is that I want to do a good job for World Team and give them something that is truly valuable to them and the furtherance of the gospel.  The other reality is that even if I do a wonderful job but do not learn more/better what mission photography work I should do in the future, then my goal will not be completed. So pray God uses this trip and that World Team will be a huge blessing in this respect, the teaching of the knowledge and wisdom of God and his will for the spreading of his gospel."

Thank you.

A more specific prayer request at this time is that a quality Audio recorder and Lav mic is needed before this time next week (and possibly backups). This will complete the equipment list for the trip I think. Please pray that I can get this in time.

Something like this probably for the recorder (Zoom h4)


Thank you all again for your prayer and support.

 I will GREATLY appreciate all your prayers during the trip. (you just don't understand why missionaries are alway thanking people for their prayers until your in that place yourself)

Servant photographer,

Billy Jackson

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