Monday, May 9, 2011

More Details (for me to figure out)

I feel that I haven't done a good job of explaining clearly the details and how this fits into big picture... but I'm not sure how to make it clearer right now.  So I'm just going to keep filling you in on what's happening and what needs to happen and how to pray.

So I'm still unsure of my departure date, but I'm not really worried about that. Trevor says for a two week trip like this to the city I don't really need to worry about extra immunizations.
In my research online I've been reading that it might be wise to register my equipment with the customs office so that I'm not taxed on it upon my return. Also that travel insurance might be good to have for my equipment.
Other things on my list of things to do are
  • practice video interviews (and other video footage)
  • learn some phrases in Balinese 
  • look at map of Bali
  • get some business cards
  • figure out how I'm going to pack the equipment for the air flights
  • do I need a laptop and what kind? (I have questions to answer as well)
  • (I think these are what I will make my next few posts about)

But I think the Lord is taking care of me. He has put me around people that are knowledgeable and helpful, and has hooked me up with an organization that seems to be good at helping their missionaries.

Another thing that I am concentrating on right now is Bates Creek Camp where I am rec director. The camps start a few days after I will be getting back to the US so I want to have all the set and ready to go once I get back so I can hit the ground running. (now that I turn my mind to it I'm kinda excited about some of the stuff I got planned for the campers hehe!)

Something encouraging...

I had an hour or so long talk with a missionary in training, Zach Cann, who lives in Arizona right now (he and his wife are looking for an organization that will help them plant in New Guinea)
Photo by Zach Cann
He did a two year missions photography project for and organization called the Harvest. (he finished in 2009) During those two years he went to 20 countries where the Harvest had missionaries stationed. AND he raised all his own support for the trips, around $78,000 and that payed for his camera equipment and editing software.

He gave me some good tips, but he did no video so he could not help me with that part.

Anyway, it was encouraging!
you can see his work at

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