Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm Going to Indonesia!!!

Alright! So finally got that out there. Sorry everyone for not keeping you informed in on the process. I want to fill you in on some of the details now so you can know what some of the needs are and how to pray and what God is doing!

There is a lot to tell (thats why your supposed to blog regularly) but hopefully this will not turn into a superpost or anything.

If you look back at one of my first posts - Continuing the Story - you will read about some encouragement and direction I got from Trevor Johnson of World Team. And also that they wanted me to come take pictures and video of their World Team Asia conference in Bali Indonesia.
Well because they also wanted the trip to be a two month internship I had to say no. I had prior commitments for parts of this summer.
Then a few days ago Trevor contacted me on facebook again asking about when I would have to be back in the US by if I did go! The next day I got a call from Noah Huss - World Team mobilization person - asking if I would be willing to come just for the conference instead of for the standard two month internship.

I was pretty surprised. I thought that decision was made and behind me but here it was again calling my name.

Here were my roadblocks/concerns about going:
  • The dates of the conference 8th-14th - Would I still be able to do the job of Bates Creek Rec director? (boys week 20th-25th)
  • Would I be "going on a mission trip" or going to provide a service to an organization? Would my church be backing me? Is this good business practice?
  • The cost - would it be financially responsible on my part to use $4000 or more for a week or two long trip? Would I be using up all my savings? Would it be right for me to ask for financial support from others? Would World Team pay for anything? Would it be worth it for me? What would I gain? Should I be asking these questions or just going?
  • Did I have the skills they were really looking for? Or would I end up disappointing them? Why did they want me? Why not get a photographer videographer from closer to them?
Toward the end of the extended discussion (this was a decision that had me confused for a while. I struggled with it for a while) the last question became the big one. "Did I have the skills?" Their answer to that was reassuring, and the answer to the cost of the trip, pretty much made up my mind.

  • They assured me I could leave on the 15th for the USA so that I would be back in time for the camps.
  • Yes, as a mission trip and not only that, they are going to make it a internship as much as possible having training/orientation with either Trevor in Indonesia or with Noah in Pennsylvania. 
  •  World Team will cover the cost of air travel and possibly the stay cost while in Bali. This was something that even Noah was very surprised with. World Team had never done this before, but it seems that at one of their last meetings funds where set aside for this purpose (media cost). Also they view the cost as worth while because they don't want this to be a one time thing but the possible start of me working as World Team.
  • Yes I have the skills, They are confident in that. And they told me if all I could do was capture video footage and photos and hand them over to them to make a video with, they would be satisfied. 

One by one World Team answered or removed all the questions and concerned until the question was "Why should I not move forward to take this opportunity?!"

I will post more about what "YES!" means later.

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