Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Praise Report about the trip to Bali

Praise report everyone!

So I got the final figure on how much I would have get to World Team to cover expenses while in Bali. It was much closer to $2000 than the $1000 or so I was thinking.  I was thinking "whoa! I'll just have to shell out a little more money than I was thinking.  But then later I was thinking and going over figures (after making a bank transfer) and I realized I was about $197 short (at least by my calculations, some equipment hasn't been bought yet). I was confident that God would supply what was needed but I WAS NOT ready for the call today from Melissa Chiasson with World Team. She said that someone had just called her saying that someone had called and inquired about my account and then payed the WHOLE $2000 for the trip!

What a blessing!

Its just another encouragement to me that God is with me in this work and I wanted to share it with everyone that has been praying.  And thank you Melissa for getting me the good news!

Also Don Roberts has called me saying there is an audio recorder I could use. I'm not sure if it is what we need yet (I have forwarded it to World Team) but if so that is another answer to prayer.

Something else to pray for that a did not mention earlier is that there is quite a bit of work being left on my dad as I go on this trip. We will be photographing this weekend and then I will be leaving Tue. So pray for him and also pray for me as I try to get photography work done, work around the house, and take the final details in place for the trip.

There is a constant temptation to be stressed, worried, harsh or uncaring. So please pray for that as well.

Thank you all!

Billy Jackson

PS. - My laptop arrived today via FedEx! They came once and left a note because I was gone today. I called them and they said it would arrive tomorrow. A few minutes later it show up! HaHa!

My awesome new laptop

Monday, May 23, 2011

My Goal for this trip to Indonesia

Hello all,

I don't know how clear I was sharing during the missions moment at church last week but I wanted to send this out clarifying my goal and purpose for this trip and to fill in others who do not go to Rockport or weren't there that Sun.

The trip departure date is May 31st for Bali Indonesia and June 17th is the return date to the US. I will be working and serving World Team mission organization.


"My goal for this trip to Indonesia is to serve World Team in whatever capacity I can, namely with documentary style photography and video interviews which together can be made into informational videos that accurately and powerfully communicate the mission of World Team and it's missionaries. Alongside this goal to serve is the goal to learn, grow, and explore the missionary calling that God may be leading me to.  Both of these goals are also shared by World Team who do not want this trip to be single but wish this trip to be an internship exploring and kick starting a further relationship of service with them on the mission field. 

The opportunity for this trip and the possibilities for the future are something that are very exciting for me and I can only hope and pray (and trust in the Lord!) that he will lead me to and equip me for this work.

Please be in prayer for me on two levels.  The here and now reality is that I want to do a good job for World Team and give them something that is truly valuable to them and the furtherance of the gospel.  The other reality is that even if I do a wonderful job but do not learn more/better what mission photography work I should do in the future, then my goal will not be completed. So pray God uses this trip and that World Team will be a huge blessing in this respect, the teaching of the knowledge and wisdom of God and his will for the spreading of his gospel."

Thank you.

A more specific prayer request at this time is that a quality Audio recorder and Lav mic is needed before this time next week (and possibly backups). This will complete the equipment list for the trip I think. Please pray that I can get this in time.

Something like this probably for the recorder (Zoom h4)


Thank you all again for your prayer and support.

 I will GREATLY appreciate all your prayers during the trip. (you just don't understand why missionaries are alway thanking people for their prayers until your in that place yourself)

Servant photographer,

Billy Jackson

Monday, May 9, 2011

More Details (for me to figure out)

I feel that I haven't done a good job of explaining clearly the details and how this fits into big picture... but I'm not sure how to make it clearer right now.  So I'm just going to keep filling you in on what's happening and what needs to happen and how to pray.

So I'm still unsure of my departure date, but I'm not really worried about that. Trevor says for a two week trip like this to the city I don't really need to worry about extra immunizations.
In my research online I've been reading that it might be wise to register my equipment with the customs office so that I'm not taxed on it upon my return. Also that travel insurance might be good to have for my equipment.
Other things on my list of things to do are
  • practice video interviews (and other video footage)
  • learn some phrases in Balinese 
  • look at map of Bali
  • get some business cards
  • figure out how I'm going to pack the equipment for the air flights
  • do I need a laptop and what kind? (I have questions to answer as well)
  • (I think these are what I will make my next few posts about)

But I think the Lord is taking care of me. He has put me around people that are knowledgeable and helpful, and has hooked me up with an organization that seems to be good at helping their missionaries.

Another thing that I am concentrating on right now is Bates Creek Camp where I am rec director. The camps start a few days after I will be getting back to the US so I want to have all the set and ready to go once I get back so I can hit the ground running. (now that I turn my mind to it I'm kinda excited about some of the stuff I got planned for the campers hehe!)

Something encouraging...

I had an hour or so long talk with a missionary in training, Zach Cann, who lives in Arizona right now (he and his wife are looking for an organization that will help them plant in New Guinea)
Photo by Zach Cann
He did a two year missions photography project for and organization called the Harvest. (he finished in 2009) During those two years he went to 20 countries where the Harvest had missionaries stationed. AND he raised all his own support for the trips, around $78,000 and that payed for his camera equipment and editing software.

He gave me some good tips, but he did no video so he could not help me with that part.

Anyway, it was encouraging!
you can see his work at



Friday, May 6, 2011

So I'm going to Indonesia! Now what? - Ways to Pray!

Now I do the best I can to prepare myself for this trip.

For the first day or two after I said "yes" I was caught in a cross fire of emails and facebook messages between World Team people (who's buying the plane tickets? where's he going to do orientation? is he coming to Philadelphia first?), but it has now been silent for the last few days.  I turned in the application form they had sent me a month or so ago.  I assume that they are taking care of all the preparation and plans.  They seemed very ready and capable to start the process once I gave the word, and I left my departure date and detail planing in their hands.  I know I will be there by or before the 8th of June. And I know I have to be back before the 19th. That's all the details of that so far. :-)

But for me... I have work to do! I've started exploring the world of video editing.  I may post my first experiments so you can see how much I need to learn! I spent over $400 just on camera cards and batteries today.  Before I go on to purchase other equipment I should probably get a better handle on what I will need.  At the very least I will need to conduct video interviews for World Team while at the conference. 
We also should probably organizing our thoughts on what exactly we want to do while I am there and what we will do with the pictures and video (more details than just - "We would like a video made of the conference") You can see a video that they put together on internships on their web site. They would like it to be kinda like that. www.worldteam.org/going/internship

Ways to Pray
  • First thing on my mind is that I would be prepared with the skills needed to capture the right video footage.  Pray for that and if ANYONE out there has skills in video and feels led to share those skills, Please, email me right away!  I would appreciate any help I can get.
  • That there would be minimal miscommunication between World Team and me  (there will probably be some) especially concerning who's go to be covering what cost.
  • That we would be able to get the right equipment together ( and that I would know how to use it properly) One big first thing will be either a laptop or some kind of data storage device. (A laptop would be awesome!)
  • That this trip would be excellent training and experience time for me and World Team.  That God would use this to lead me on to the work he has for me.
If God lays it on someone's heart to give financially toward this trip it will be appreciated, there may be more expense than we know (me and World Team are both new at this kind of trip)  BUT, I want everyone to know, that between World Team paying at least the plane tickets and my savings, the cost of this trip is covered.

OK its the end and I still haven't a picture to put with this post. I'm going to put up the first clipping together of video that I did in Sony Vegas. (you will deffinetly see how much help I need)
Me and Gennie shot this in about 30min or so. Every one is free to laugh a whole lot and remember that I am a photographer.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm Going to Indonesia!!!

Alright! So finally got that out there. Sorry everyone for not keeping you informed in on the process. I want to fill you in on some of the details now so you can know what some of the needs are and how to pray and what God is doing!

There is a lot to tell (thats why your supposed to blog regularly) but hopefully this will not turn into a superpost or anything.

If you look back at one of my first posts - Continuing the Story - you will read about some encouragement and direction I got from Trevor Johnson of World Team. And also that they wanted me to come take pictures and video of their World Team Asia conference in Bali Indonesia.
Well because they also wanted the trip to be a two month internship I had to say no. I had prior commitments for parts of this summer.
Then a few days ago Trevor contacted me on facebook again asking about when I would have to be back in the US by if I did go! The next day I got a call from Noah Huss - World Team mobilization person - asking if I would be willing to come just for the conference instead of for the standard two month internship.

I was pretty surprised. I thought that decision was made and behind me but here it was again calling my name.

Here were my roadblocks/concerns about going:
  • The dates of the conference 8th-14th - Would I still be able to do the job of Bates Creek Rec director? (boys week 20th-25th) www.facebook.com/pages/Bates-Creek-Camp
  • Would I be "going on a mission trip" or going to provide a service to an organization? Would my church be backing me? Is this good business practice?
  • The cost - would it be financially responsible on my part to use $4000 or more for a week or two long trip? Would I be using up all my savings? Would it be right for me to ask for financial support from others? Would World Team pay for anything? Would it be worth it for me? What would I gain? Should I be asking these questions or just going?
  • Did I have the skills they were really looking for? Or would I end up disappointing them? Why did they want me? Why not get a photographer videographer from closer to them?
Toward the end of the extended discussion (this was a decision that had me confused for a while. I struggled with it for a while) the last question became the big one. "Did I have the skills?" Their answer to that was reassuring, and the answer to the cost of the trip, pretty much made up my mind.

  • They assured me I could leave on the 15th for the USA so that I would be back in time for the camps.
  • Yes, as a mission trip and not only that, they are going to make it a internship as much as possible having training/orientation with either Trevor in Indonesia or with Noah in Pennsylvania. 
  •  World Team will cover the cost of air travel and possibly the stay cost while in Bali. This was something that even Noah was very surprised with. World Team had never done this before, but it seems that at one of their last meetings funds where set aside for this purpose (media cost). Also they view the cost as worth while because they don't want this to be a one time thing but the possible start of me working as World Team.
  • Yes I have the skills, They are confident in that. And they told me if all I could do was capture video footage and photos and hand them over to them to make a video with, they would be satisfied. 

One by one World Team answered or removed all the questions and concerned until the question was "Why should I not move forward to take this opportunity?!"

I will post more about what "YES!" means later.