Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wedding photography

By the way, my current steady work and earning is wedding photography. And if anyone out there is planning a wedding or wants portraits or action photos or whatever I am totally up for it.
As a wedding photographer I work for my dad Will Jackson photography 
He has been in the business of wedding photography for over 17 years, (I believe) and I realize that it is an awesome privilege to have a dad that can train me in a skill like photography. While still only fifteen I started going to weddings as a third shooter and equipment assistant (lights, camera bags, tripods, etc.) . Basically I was an apprentice. When my dad's main assistant left I stepped right into her place. Bought a car and got my drivers license both in the same week that I shot my first wedding as a "main" assistant (sound funny to say, but it was big then). During my drivers license test I had to use hand signals because the car blinkers did not work. I told the lady "I can't go back, fix it, and come back tomorrow. I have a wedding to shoot tomorrow."
Will Jackson
Since then I have shot my own weddings (as the main photographer that is) and have grown in my photography skills. But I want every one to know that I am an employee of Will Jackson photography, and that I am thankful for my dad who has trained me in the art of photography.

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