Saturday, April 23, 2011

Senior pictures with Brandon Osborne

It was a fun time. The day did not start out very promising, with thunder, lightning and rain, but it cleared up after fifteen minutes or so and we had clear skies after that.
We took pictures around the Kimswick area in Imperial starting with the old bridge back by the Mississippi river. Then we walked the train tracks a little bit and went to a few spots close by that I had scouted out earlier in the week. We ended with some studio looking shots back at his house using a portable set of lights and a backdrop that can be set up pretty much anywhere indoors.
Something else cool about the shoot was Brandon brought a robot for a prop. Brandon is part of a robotics team that competes every year in competitions. The robot he brought was from last years competition which was a soccer game. It was a pretty sturdy looking robot.
I'm not sure what this years competition is but I think it is being held in St. Louis at the Edward Jones Dome at the end of April. I think this is the link to the site but I'm not for sure.

This is a short bio I wrote for my dads web site to promote senior portrait sessions.
Hello my name is Billy Jackson.
I am a young photographer offering my services as a senior portrait photographer. My style generally uses outdoor environments for natural looking images but also gets great images in indoor environments using natural light such as window light. In addition I have also created a portable set of lights and backdrop that gets a great "Studio look" for more formal looking portraits and can be used anywhere indoors.
Most of my portrait photography draws attention to the face of the individual in a very natural looking way, but I also enjoy making pictures where sports or other activities of the individual are included for story telling and a sometimes more dramatic look.
Take a look at some of my work and see if my style is right for you, and know this at the same time, I am always open and up for the challenge of new ideas and inspiration from my customers.

Thank you!
 So if you know any Senior who would like something a little more real than the standard studio shot send them my way.

 This is the studio look I was talking about.

 This is Gennie my lighting assistant. She is awesome.

 This is pretty much where we started the shoot.

I made this photo for Brandon because his robotics team name is the "Lightning Lancers"


  1. Very nice photos! I just got a nice photography camera for my birthday so I am just starting. Ill have to bring next time I see you guys and you can help me use it a bit
    God Bless

  2. Wow, these are awesome. Not surprised, though!