Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Lord is teaching and moving

Things have happened. The story has moved on.

What's Happened-

  • The movement for a St. Louis church plant is underway. 
    • I took some pictures for the brothers that are heading up the church plant while they were gathered for some video interviews. I hope they will be of service to them.

    • Senor Pictures with Brandon Osborn.  
      • They went awesome! I am very happy to be able to serve with my photography. And thank you Brandon for being so open to a different way of doing things. (Pictures to come soon)

      • I've posted already about this. Check out some of the messages given by these pastors

    •  TGC The Gospel Coalition conference in Chicago. www.thegospelcoalition.org
      • This is one crazy story! I got to go take pictures as the conference photographer (there were two of us) at TGC. It was a crazy experience. I was close to, sitting next to people like John Piper, Voddie Baucham, Joshua Harris, and more for three days, and as the photographer I could go anywhere that they were going. (The McCormick place convention center was huge!) But let me tell you how I got there... 
     So Jason Vaughn of Higher Hope entertainment tells me last Sun. about a Twitter post from TGC asking for a pro photographer for the conference. After some thought I decided to send an email with samples of my work to them and see what happens. Well they initially respond saying "Yes! we want you to come photograph the conference, But we cannot pay you. we can only give you free registration" Well I gave that some thought. And decided that if I could work out a ride and place to stay with someone then I would go. The ride and all after looking at first like it wasn't going to work out, did work out Mon. afternoon BUT THEN I could not get a response back from TGC, and I did NOT want to just show up in Chicago saying "I got an email that you wanted me to take pictures"It was a little tense seeing as Rockport people had been pulling strings to get me a ride and place to stay. Should I go? Should I not go? But I decided to let God handle it, and that I would not go unless I got a confirmation call with the TGC people (Josh Matthews). I got that call around 5:30am Tue. morning! I packed my bags and got picked up to go before 6:30am that morning. I'm just like "Hey! However the Lord wants to work things. I'm willing to go wherever he wants me to go." So then I sent three long days running around taking thousands of pictures. I hope the pictures them selves will tell you a little more of the story, and you can go to the web site for more information. thegospelcoalition.org/conferences/2011

    What's Gonna' happen-
    • Sports Crusaders summer camps and mission trip  sportscrusaders.org
      • I have not heard back from Sports Crusaders yet so keep praying. I submitted my proposal for the job. - " I will take pictures of your summer camps for your brochure and advertising for free if you will take me on your summer mission trip either to Mexico or North Dakota." - They were supposed to have their board meeting a week or so ago so I expect to hear back soon.
    • Sunrise Spanish service this Sun. morning at 6:00am. (not at Rockport) rockportbaptist.org/espanol
      • I'm looking forward to it. I hope to be able to take some awesome pictures. Sunrise is my personal favorite time to take pictures.

    What I've learned-
    •  You know. I think I will write what I've learned and what to pray as a separate post.

    What to pray for now-

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