Monday, April 11, 2011

Grace Camp meeting 2011

This years Grace Camp meeting held at Rockport Baptist church ( was an wonderful time of preaching and fellowship. It completely wore me out as I'm sure it did many others, but it was so worth it.
I was able to help with the sound and recording equipment as well as take a few pictures of the speakers and people of the conference.
I also got to spend time in the breaks playing soccer and basketball with all the many, many kids that were at the conference.

Mack Tomlinson

 The Church Prayer Meeting
 Grace for the Mess
The Hidden life of Prayer 

Mike Dickmann

Sin and Mercy
Praying Through Opposition
The Prayer Life of Jesus

Dr. Mike Morrow

Authority to Pray
Scott Lee

Seeking God in Prayer

Bob Jennings

Bob Jennings found out last year that he has terminal cancer. Please pray for him.
He is an awesome preacher to listen to. And he has been a blessing to many people.
Don't Grieve the Spirit
The Throne of Grace

Nathan Rages

The Prayer Life of Jesus

Bob Schembre

The Effectual prayer

Micheal Pfleegor

Micheal Pfleegor is a Missionary preparing for work in Suriname. He was given a few minutes to share on missions and he gave it all he had in those few minutes.
Here is a message he gave on missions at another time.
God's Purpose for the Nations

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