Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Gospel Coalition pictures

I already told you the story of how I got there.
The-Lord-is-teaching-and-moving It was also pretty cool being there as well. Crazy but cool. It felt like I was always walking, and always finding myself closer than I've ever been to big name people. I am not very forward when it comes to talking to famous people especially when there are tons of others already pushing to get to talk to them, but it was still cool being around them and listening in on some of the conversation and prayers.
Another note, the people that led worship for the conference where Keith and Kristyn Getty and their band. They are the people that wrote In Christ Alone", "The Power of the Cross" and others. Also they had awesome Irish accents and something that looks like a bag pipe but isn't (forgot what its called).

These pictures are some of the top few I sent to TGC right away. Like I said before I was the second photographer and they told me they were looking for some artistic stuff from me. So I did my best.
You can see a few of my favorites here and more if you click on the slide show.

Conrad Mbewe
Don Carson

Matthew Smith
Conrad Mbewe

Alistair Begg
Tim Keller
The Gospel Coalition

Keith Getty

Praise the Lord!
John Piper

The Video Room


  1. Wow, Billy, these are great shots. Love how the light and dark contrast to bring attention to the subjects' faces. It was good meeting you out there!

  2. These are great, can't wait to see more. It was a great week in Chicago.

  3. Awesome Billy! God has gifted you to do really good work.

  4. Amazing Conference!.....These shots will be a great reminder as to what went on that week.

  5. Hey Billy, awesome photographs. I do a quote of the day at Beckon&Muse ( I couldn't find an email or contact information, so I couldn't ask in advance. I would like to use one of your D.A. Carson photos as a blurb photo. Here's the link here: ; I added credit to you for the photo and linked back to your site. If you have a problem and would like it removed immediately, I'll remove it immediately. Just contact me through the website. Thanks. A fellow servant dying to himself, Josh.

  6. Dear Billy, I love your excellent photographs and like Joshua above I also cannot see any contact info for you so I would also like to ask if I can continue using the photo of Conrad Mbewe for the cover of a program of the African Pastors Conference ministry in South Africa (a ministry of which he is one of the directors). I have attributed it to you but if you prefer me not using it I will change the program. My email is louisbarry at the email service by google dot com. Many thanks, Louis.