Saturday, April 23, 2011

Senior pictures with Brandon Osborne

It was a fun time. The day did not start out very promising, with thunder, lightning and rain, but it cleared up after fifteen minutes or so and we had clear skies after that.
We took pictures around the Kimswick area in Imperial starting with the old bridge back by the Mississippi river. Then we walked the train tracks a little bit and went to a few spots close by that I had scouted out earlier in the week. We ended with some studio looking shots back at his house using a portable set of lights and a backdrop that can be set up pretty much anywhere indoors.
Something else cool about the shoot was Brandon brought a robot for a prop. Brandon is part of a robotics team that competes every year in competitions. The robot he brought was from last years competition which was a soccer game. It was a pretty sturdy looking robot.
I'm not sure what this years competition is but I think it is being held in St. Louis at the Edward Jones Dome at the end of April. I think this is the link to the site but I'm not for sure.

This is a short bio I wrote for my dads web site to promote senior portrait sessions.
Hello my name is Billy Jackson.
I am a young photographer offering my services as a senior portrait photographer. My style generally uses outdoor environments for natural looking images but also gets great images in indoor environments using natural light such as window light. In addition I have also created a portable set of lights and backdrop that gets a great "Studio look" for more formal looking portraits and can be used anywhere indoors.
Most of my portrait photography draws attention to the face of the individual in a very natural looking way, but I also enjoy making pictures where sports or other activities of the individual are included for story telling and a sometimes more dramatic look.
Take a look at some of my work and see if my style is right for you, and know this at the same time, I am always open and up for the challenge of new ideas and inspiration from my customers.

Thank you!
 So if you know any Senior who would like something a little more real than the standard studio shot send them my way.

 This is the studio look I was talking about.

 This is Gennie my lighting assistant. She is awesome.

 This is pretty much where we started the shoot.

I made this photo for Brandon because his robotics team name is the "Lightning Lancers"

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Gospel Coalition pictures

I already told you the story of how I got there.
The-Lord-is-teaching-and-moving It was also pretty cool being there as well. Crazy but cool. It felt like I was always walking, and always finding myself closer than I've ever been to big name people. I am not very forward when it comes to talking to famous people especially when there are tons of others already pushing to get to talk to them, but it was still cool being around them and listening in on some of the conversation and prayers.
Another note, the people that led worship for the conference where Keith and Kristyn Getty and their band. They are the people that wrote In Christ Alone", "The Power of the Cross" and others. Also they had awesome Irish accents and something that looks like a bag pipe but isn't (forgot what its called).

These pictures are some of the top few I sent to TGC right away. Like I said before I was the second photographer and they told me they were looking for some artistic stuff from me. So I did my best.
You can see a few of my favorites here and more if you click on the slide show.

Conrad Mbewe
Don Carson

Matthew Smith
Conrad Mbewe

Alistair Begg
Tim Keller
The Gospel Coalition

Keith Getty

Praise the Lord!
John Piper

The Video Room

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What I've learnd

First off,
I've learned that though being conference photographer can be fun and crazy, I don't think it is the kind of photography service that I am looking for as a vocation. Its not as fulfilling. I believe that what I'm searching for is to tell the stories of people's life work. Whether that be here or on the mission field. And the crazier the person's work the better. This is not to say that I don't want to photograph conferences in the future or other fields of photography, but I'm starting to see that it's people stories that I want to tell. Not that I'm quite sure how to do that yet. I still think that having video editing skills could be very useful for this. 
The difference between telling a conference story and a people story as I see it are these.
For the conference you take pictures of the speakers speaking, of the people listening, the vendors talking, the posters and display, and things like this. I think it would be more interesting to take pictures of the speakers getting ready, hanging out with friends, preparing, praying, working, and then speaking as only part of the story of their life. Or the vendors working at the organizations they usually work for, the getting ready for this event where they will share their vision for missions, the setting up of their displays that will tell of their work. Or the story of a young person preparing for the mission field or for pastoring a church. What work do they do to get them selves ready? How do they find the books that will teach them and the elders that will mentor them? And do they hope to find these at the conference? Stories more along these lines are what interest me I think.

Most of the people that I have talked to have encouraged me in a different path from the one I am pursuing/investigating. The idea that somehow I could serve missionaries as a vocation without some other way to support myself does not seem like a likely thing to happen. "How will you support a family? How will you support your self? You might end up just adding to the burden of the missionaries you are trying to serve." Most of these people have encouraged me to establish myself in wedding photography or something and then use that as a platform to be able to go on short trips to serve other people.
I am taking these warnings to mind while still investigating the possibilities. I have been encouraged by the some of the people at the Texas Photojournalism conference that God can do things and lead people places that most people would not think possible.
I am still in contact with Trevor Johnson with World Team, and he has again mentioned the World Team Asia conference in Bali Indonesia as a possibility for serving World Team with photography. But I still have responsibility as rec director at Bates Creek camp in Potosi MO and I have decided (I think) that I will not try to smash them both together. So unless someone else is providentially provided to take my position, and SOON, I will not go to Indonesia. The other thing is I do not feel quite right trying to recruit someone for my place either seeing as I said I would fill it.

What to Pray for now-
  • Bali conference in Indonesia. That God would clear up my convictions and feelings and give me clear direction for whether I should go or not. 
  • TGC (The Gospel Coalition) That the pictures I took for them would be a blessing to them and be useful. And that the contacts I made may lead to further work that God has for me to do.
  • Video Skills. That God would help me get these skills quick OR give me some clear direction against it. (we always want everything to be clear don't we. lol)
  • That I would be able to serve Sports Crusaders at their summer camps and on their mission trip. Also pray for the boys going on their mission trip.

The Lord is teaching and moving

Things have happened. The story has moved on.

What's Happened-

  • The movement for a St. Louis church plant is underway. 
    • I took some pictures for the brothers that are heading up the church plant while they were gathered for some video interviews. I hope they will be of service to them.

    • Senor Pictures with Brandon Osborn.  
      • They went awesome! I am very happy to be able to serve with my photography. And thank you Brandon for being so open to a different way of doing things. (Pictures to come soon)

      • I've posted already about this. Check out some of the messages given by these pastors

    •  TGC The Gospel Coalition conference in Chicago.
      • This is one crazy story! I got to go take pictures as the conference photographer (there were two of us) at TGC. It was a crazy experience. I was close to, sitting next to people like John Piper, Voddie Baucham, Joshua Harris, and more for three days, and as the photographer I could go anywhere that they were going. (The McCormick place convention center was huge!) But let me tell you how I got there... 
     So Jason Vaughn of Higher Hope entertainment tells me last Sun. about a Twitter post from TGC asking for a pro photographer for the conference. After some thought I decided to send an email with samples of my work to them and see what happens. Well they initially respond saying "Yes! we want you to come photograph the conference, But we cannot pay you. we can only give you free registration" Well I gave that some thought. And decided that if I could work out a ride and place to stay with someone then I would go. The ride and all after looking at first like it wasn't going to work out, did work out Mon. afternoon BUT THEN I could not get a response back from TGC, and I did NOT want to just show up in Chicago saying "I got an email that you wanted me to take pictures"It was a little tense seeing as Rockport people had been pulling strings to get me a ride and place to stay. Should I go? Should I not go? But I decided to let God handle it, and that I would not go unless I got a confirmation call with the TGC people (Josh Matthews). I got that call around 5:30am Tue. morning! I packed my bags and got picked up to go before 6:30am that morning. I'm just like "Hey! However the Lord wants to work things. I'm willing to go wherever he wants me to go." So then I sent three long days running around taking thousands of pictures. I hope the pictures them selves will tell you a little more of the story, and you can go to the web site for more information.

    What's Gonna' happen-
    • Sports Crusaders summer camps and mission trip
      • I have not heard back from Sports Crusaders yet so keep praying. I submitted my proposal for the job. - " I will take pictures of your summer camps for your brochure and advertising for free if you will take me on your summer mission trip either to Mexico or North Dakota." - They were supposed to have their board meeting a week or so ago so I expect to hear back soon.
    • Sunrise Spanish service this Sun. morning at 6:00am. (not at Rockport)
      • I'm looking forward to it. I hope to be able to take some awesome pictures. Sunrise is my personal favorite time to take pictures.

    What I've learned-
    •  You know. I think I will write what I've learned and what to pray as a separate post.

    What to pray for now-