Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Where it started

This idea and desire to use my photography in missions started back in the summer of 2010. It was the first time my camera (my big black camera) came with me on a mission trip to Mexico. I had been times before but had been scared to take my camera because of the fear that it would be ruined/broken. This time I decided to anyway even if that meant buying a new camera when I got home.
I loved it! That's basically what I did the whole trip was take pictures. Once we got back to the USA the pictures got shown to my church and friends (the slide show on the side bar are a few of the pictures), a print set was made and displayed on the missions table at my church, but really they did not get used for anything.
So at this point it was "This is great! I'm going to take my camera every mission trip I go on!"

What started the ideas in my head that my photography skills could be further used in missions was a missionary speaker at a Christian family homeschool camp in Wisconsin. This missionary, Don Shire, (also an awesome trumpet player) has started orphanages in India that he visits regularly among other things. It was listening to him share and watching the photos his showed us that first started my thinking that photography might be of use to missionaries on the mission field.
So now I'm thinking "Hmm... Who might be wanting me to take pictures for them?"

Well I kinda kept that thought in my head for a month or two till answers just had to be found. I started with Trevor Johnson, World Team missionary to the jungles of Indonesia. www.tandtfamily.blogspot.com   He had spoke at my church before and seemed to me to be a super-duper hard core recruiter. I figured he would know if there was a need for photography on the mission field. And I will tell you what he said and where it led next time. It is time for me to go play some soccer with the kids (brothers, sisters, neighbors.)

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