Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Soccer Kids (quick break from the story)

With a quick break from the story.
Besides photography my other love is sports. I'm not good at any sport in specific but I love playing competitive games with physical activity. I have seven little brothers and sisters most of whom love sports as well. Now eight of us is a good start for any sport right there and when you add several kids from around the block in my subdivision you got just the kind of soccer game I excel at best (with every one smaller than me ha ha!). On nice sunny days we get kids from all over the subdivision and of all ages, all the way from four to twenty years old. Besides soccer we also play basketball and Ultimate Frisbee or whatever other sport takes our fancy.
So here are two pics I took the other day of the game (I rarely take time to pick the camera up when I have the chance to play but I will try to again one another nice day), and now you know a little more about me.  :-)

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