Friday, July 21, 2017

Good moments in Missouri Summer 2017

Missouri sunrises are different than Texas sunrises. It was wonderful to go walking with my camera during the first sunrise I saw visiting MO.

Going to the mail box with Grandpa

My beautiful Sarah

First nice family photo we've had in a while I think
We got to visit St. Louis during our trip to St. Louis and we had the pleasure of showing some of our Spanish teachers from RGBI, Dr Manny and his wife Jane, and our friend and pastor Samuel Riveria,  around the Old courthouse and the Arch.

Celebrated the 4th of July with our church family at Rockport. Played some basketball and enjoyed the fireworks.

A day with my Sarah and without the babies!

I grew up in St. Louis but had never been to the top of the Arch so we went! It was a good view. They would not let me walk down the 1076 steps. They said the chances of me being allowed to do that were 0 to zilch.

We got to spend some time hanging out with friends and family while in Missouri.

Thankful for my brothers Jonny and Jimmy who hiked the crazy wet humid hike to the top of the mountain behind my grandparents' farm to watch a Missouri sunset.

Monday, March 6, 2017

First Update letter from Texas!

We have put together our first newsletter update to help  everyone have an idea of how the Lord is working. And I've added pictures of our babies because those 
are the easiest pictures for me to get right now and people don't seem to mind.

Here are the links! 

Winter/Spring Newsletter Update 2017! We are reporting from Texas!
Rough weekly schedule (to give you an idea of what we're up to)

Something that I feel like we didn't do the best job of in this newsletter is including information on how you can join the team and support us. 

  • First, the way to support financially: go to click "Missionary Support" in the drop down box and find my name (Billy Jackson) on the list. It will lead you through a secure online donation.
    • While you are there check out some of the testimonial videos from students on the home page of the website. They are in Spanish and made by the student video team here. 
  • Second, the way to support in prayer: Pray! Pray we will learn Spanish. To be informed of prayer needs read the Newsletters we send out every few months. Watch our Facebook page: for more regular updates. 
    • THEN IF you want to commit to specific, regular, personal ongoing prayer support please email me. We have a team we call our PRAYING FAMILY that is very important to us and our work. We update them at least once a week with prayer needs and also they are available for urgent and emergency prayer needs. 

Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support! We are learning Spanish and that is the first step. Pray the Lord would keep us grounded in him first even before Spanish. 
Contact us if you have questions that weren't answered or if you have questions or encouragement. God Bless!